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What is Active Capacitive stylus?

The working principle of ordinary stylus is very simple, it just make the tips similar to finger, most of them are 6.0 mm in diameter, this stylus We called passive capacitive touch pen.Due to the big tip, Writing and painting is not so accurate and flexible. But Active Capacitive Touch Pen can solve this problem. 

Today introduce a active capacitance stylus, there are 2 PCBA inside of the stylus , the tip is only 2 mm, accurate drawing or writing, applicable to Apple mobile phone, tablet, and most of the Android mobile phone, tablet. 

Stylus currently on the market is mainly divided into passive capacitive and active capacitive, passive is similar to finger touch effect, the tip is a conductive material, such as conductive foam, metal, brush, So the tip of passive capacitive pen must big as finger .

What is the active capacitance stylus?

to 5 ~ 8 mm old stylus , current of human body through a conductive stylus and then radiation in the touch panel, and 2.0mm active stylus is total different , PCBA inside of pen can absorb and emits an electrical pulse by itself , that mimics the small charge, emitted by a finger to trick the screen into thinking that you are useing your finger. 

Active capacitance stylus is suitable for the 95% of main brand mobile phone or tablet on the market (except the Windows tablet), It does not require any hardware and software of the device  and no need to any learning, as long as turn on the pen ,  adult and children can use on device  immediately.  

Active capacitance stylus is simple to use, no need to download the APP,only need to open the key ,  painting, writing in anytime, anywhere, written much closer to the actual writing experience.

  • Are you trade company or manufacturer?

    We are one of the leading manufacturers of capacitive pen in Shenzhen Baoan,welcome you to visit us.
  • What is your MOQ? Do you accept OEM?

    Normally 500 pieces.Yes,we can do OEM/ODM orders,design your product.
  • What is your delivery date?

    It need to be negotiated.Normally it takes about 1-2 month to finish the order.Some of the products we have stock,it will takes 15 days. Anyway,We will dispatch the goods as soon as possible.
  • What is your payment method?

    We accept TT and Paypal.
  • What certification you have?

    We very care about the products cartificate and we have passed the industrial standards,like:CE/RoHS/CCC.
  • How to get a sample?

    Thank you for interesting. Just click the product and send us message about the products you like,we will reach you at the first time.
    The sample fee and the freight would be paid by your side.

  • How about the warranty ?

    Our products comes to clients with 1-3 years of warranty service depends on the products model.

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